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33 politicians have reached the Rajya Sabha without voting, 6 from Maharashtra, 3 from Rajasthan, 1 from Gujarat, 5 from Madhya Pradesh elected unopposed

33 politicians have reached the Rajya Sabha without voting, with the BJP having the most representatives, and Sonia Gandhi directly entering from the Congress.

Elections were supposed to be held on February 27 for 56 seats in the Upper House of Parliament, but 33 seats saw unopposed elections. Now, elections are pending for the remaining 23 seats. Among these 33 seats, Bihar and Maharashtra have 6 each, while Rajasthan and Odisha have 3 each. Gujarat has 4, Madhya Pradesh and West Bengal have 5 each, and Haryana has one seat. Therefore, voting will now take place on February 27 for the remaining 23 seats, with counting starting at 5 pm on the same day.

Six individuals from Maharashtra have been elected unopposed to the Rajya Sabha. Among them are Sonia Gandhi and JP Nadda. Three candidates from the BJP, as well as one each from the Shiv Sena, NCP, and Congress, have been elected unopposed. The elected candidates from Maharashtra include Ashok Chavan, Medha Kulkarni, Dr. Ajit Gopchhade from the BJP; Milind Deora from the Shiv Sena; Prful Patel from the NCP; and Chandrakant Handore from the Congress.


Sonia Gandhi has been elected unopposed from Rajasthan for the Rajya Sabha. Along with her, Chunnilal Garasiya and Madan Rathod from the BJP have also been elected unopposed.

According to reports from PTI, Tuesday was the last day for nominations, and no new nominations were received. Therefore, all three candidates have been elected unopposed. Notably, Sonia Gandhi will be sitting in the upper house for the first time.


JP Nadda, the National President of the BJP, has been elected to the Rajya Sabha from Gujarat. It is noteworthy that the importance of Gujarat within the BJP seems to be increasing compared to before.


In Madhya Pradesh, candidates from both the BJP and Congress have been elected unopposed. Among them are BJP candidates EL Murugan, Umesh Nath Maharaj, Maya Naroliya, Bansilal Gurjar, and Congress candidate Ashok Singh. Their unopposed election has been announced.


Members of the Rajya Sabha serve staggered terms lasting six years. Approximately one-third of the 238 members are up for election every two years, specifically in even-numbered years. Unlike the Lok Sabha, which gets dissolved before elections, the Rajya Sabha is a continuous body and is not dissolved.



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