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Alboe by the Beach’: A music festival in at Varkala-Kerala

‘Alboe by the Beach’: A music festival with many types of music.Three-day beach festival Alboe by the Beach brings hip-hop talent from South India alongside indie stars like Arivu, Brodha V, Taba Chake and The F16s.

In Kerala, rapper Baby Jean, also known as Habish Rehman, became famous for his strong Malayalam rap songs.

     He got a deal with a big rap record label. Baby Jean, from Malappuram, says his hometown really gets his music.

He’s excited to be at a new big beach music festival in Kerala. It’s called ‘Alboe by the Beach’, happening February 9-11 at Varkala beach in Thiruvananthapuram.

Alboe by The Beach – Vol.1

Food and Music Festival

Aaliyirakkam Beach, Trivandrum

February 9 | 12PM – February 11 | 10PM


Aaliyirakkam Beach, Trivandrum



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