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Fianally Maldives has given permission for docking Chinese ships in Maldives,

Due to the role of Maldives’ President Muizzu, there is currently significant tension between India and Maldives.

The Maldivian government has been consistently taking an anti-India stance.

Amidst tensions between both countries, a Chinese ship, Jiang Yang Hong 03, has entered Maldivian waters. Reportedly, this ship is currently stationed in the Maldivian capital, Male, for conducting oceanic surveys. China had requested permission for docking its ship in Maldives to conduct marine surveys. India opposed these actions by China in the Indian Ocean region.

Previously, China’s Shi Yan 6 ship had conducted marine surveys off the coast of Sri Lanka. After conducting surveys in Sri Lanka, China had sought permission from Maldives and Sri Lanka for another marine survey.

Concerned about future military intentions, India advised Sri Lanka and Maldives against granting permission for Chinese ships to conduct marine surveys. The Jiang Yang Hong 03 ship was built in 2016 and weighs around 4300 tons. It is equipped with modern surveying and reconnaissance technology.

According to naval sources, China can easily operate this ship in the Indian Ocean region, which is strategically important for China’s maritime politics.

The current stance of the Maldivian government leans towards being anti-India and aligning with China. Maldives has granted permission to Chinese ships, including ballistic missile trackers and research vessels, to dock.

This has raised concerns for India. Additionally, China uses these ships for military purposes in the Indian Ocean region, which further worries India. The Chinese Xian Yang Hong 03 ship is used for military purposes. In the Indian Ocean region, this ship engages in reconnaissance activities.

Initially, this Chinese ship had stopped in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka has imposed a ban on foreign ships docking in its ports for over a year. Afterward, China turned to Maldives as its base. Maldives has always welcomed ships from friendly countries. The Chinese ship has requested permission to refuel in Maldives. However, Maldives has stated that there will be no research activities conducted in its maritime territory.



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