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Gajanan Kirtikar expressed their views on seat allocation

Mumbai : Maharashtra: The Lok Sabha election discussions are ongoing within the Mahayuti. There’s talk about the formula of 32-12-4 for the Lok Sabha seats within the alliance, including the specific allocation for the Shiv Sena.

Gajanan Kirtikar from the Shinde group in the Shiv Sena has reacted to this formula. He stated, “The formula for Shiv Sena and BJP is 22-26. Now, with Ajit Pawar’s group in the Mahayuti, some seats might need to be given to Shiv Sena and BJP from their share.”

However, while doing so, all three parties need to respect each other. Gajanan Kirtikar said, “In Mumbai, it has already been decided to allocate three seats to Shiv Sena and three seats to BJP.”

Along with that, the basis for the formula of 22-26 is established in Maharashtra. We need to decide the next strategy based on this foundation, that’s my opinion. There shouldn’t be any major changes made to it.”

Gajanan Kirtikar had previously discussed this with TV9 Marathi. At that time, they expressed their views on seat allocation. If the number of seats for Shiv Sena is reduced, what will be the next move for the Shinde group? To this, Kirtikar said that such adjustments need to be made. All parties in the alliance need to respect each other.  In Maharashtra,  our, meaning Shiv Sena’s, significant vote bank exists. The late Balasaheb Thackeray has built this vote bank. Shiv Sena has its own ideology. They have their own Hindu nationalist ideology.
मुंबईत तीन जागा शिवसेनेच्या आणि तीन जागा भाजपाच्या असं आधीपासूनच ठरलेलं आहे. त्याचबरोबर महाराष्ट्रात २२-२६ या फॉर्म्युलाचा आधार आहे. या आधारावरच पुढील रणनीति ठरवली पाहिजे, असं माझं मत आहे. त्यात फार मोठा बदल करून चालणार नाही.

“आता महायुतीत अजित पवारांचा गट असल्याने शिवसेनेला आणि भाजपाला आपल्या काही जागा अजित पवार यांच्या पक्षाला द्याव्या लागतील. परंतु, ते करत असताना युतीतल्या सर्व पक्षांनी एकमेकांचा आदर ठेवायला हवा.”

“संपूर्ण महाराष्ट्रात आमची म्हणजेच शिवसेनेची मोठी व्होटबँक आहे. शिवसेना राष्ट्रीय भावना जपते, शिवसेनेकडे आक्रमक शैली आहे. मराठी माणसांचा सर्वांगीण विकास करणे ही शिवसेनेची सुरुवातीपासूनची भूमिका आहे”.



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