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Government Medical Colleges and Hospitals instructed to prepare for JEN-1 COVID variant surveillance – Medical Education Minister Hasan Mushrif

The JEN-1 COVID variant is spreading rapidly worldwide. To address this, the medical education minister, Hasan Mushrif, instructed all medical colleges and hospitals in the state to be prepared. Doctors have been advised to keep medical kits, necessary medications, and COVID testing kits ready for potential emergencies. The authorities have held a meeting chaired by Minister Mushrif to discuss and plan the surveillance and management of the JEN-1 variant

The variant has shown an increase in infections globally, with a rise in cases in various countries, including France, the USA, Singapore, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Sweden. The minister urged citizens not to panic but to follow COVID guidelines and preventive measures.

Additionally, all government medical colleges are upgrading their facilities, including PCR machines and providing necessary medications to patients testing positive for COVID. The state aims to swiftly implement oxygen plants and provide additional resources like large oxygen cylinders. Emphasis is also placed on individual responsibility, urging people to wear masks, maintain hand hygiene, and practice social distancing.



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