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Jarange Patil expressed his dissatisfaction on Maratha reservation Bills 2024

The Maratha Reservation Bill, also known as the Maharashtra State Socially and Educationally Backward Bill 2024, was passed unanimously by the Maharashtra Assembly. It advocates for a 10% reservation for the Maratha community in educational admissions and government jobs.

Minister Chhagan Bhujbal introduced the bill, and it was swiftly passed after being tabled by Chief Minister Eknath Shinde during a special Assembly session.


However, activist Manoj Jarange-Patil, who had been on a hunger strike, feels betrayed by the government’s decision.

He believes that passing the bill separately for Marathas, rather than under the Other Backward Classes (OBC) category, is a political move aimed at garnering votes. Patil expressed his dissatisfaction, stating that the reservation should have been included within the OBC quota.


Following the bill’s passage, Patil announced plans to discuss the direction of the protest during a meeting scheduled for Wednesday. He also criticized the government for not consulting with OBC representatives before making the decision. Patil’s concerns highlight the ongoing debate surrounding the Maratha reservation and its implications for various communities.


“१०० ते १५० जणांसाठी हे आरक्षण आहे. आम्हाला आमच्या हक्काचे ओबीसी समाजातील आरक्षण हवे आहे. आम्ही उद्या आमच्या आंदोलनाची घोषणा करणार आहोत. आमच्या आंदोलनाच्या उद्या दिशा ठरवण्यात येणार आहे”

“This decision of the government has been taken by keeping the elections and votes in mind. This is a betrayal to the Maratha community,”

In Jalna he said , “आम्हाला आमच्या हक्काचे आरक्षण पाहिजे, आम्हाला टिकेल की नाही या लफड्यात पडायचं नाही. सगेसोयऱ्याची अंमलबजावणी करा ही आमची मागणी आहे. जे पाहिजे ते आम्ही मिळवणारच आहोत. यासाठी मंगळवारी होणाऱ्या बैठकीसाठी मराठा बांधवांनी अंतरवाली सराटीत यावे, असे आवाहन मनोज जरांगे पाटील यांनी केले आहे. आमच्या हक्काच्या ओबीसीमधील आरक्षणाची मागणी आहे. त्याची अंमलबजावणी पाहिजे. आम्ही त्या मागणीवर ठाम आहोत. उगाच समाजाचा अपमान करायचा हे योग्य नाही. सरकारने विशेष अधिवेशनात सगेसोयऱ्यांच्या मागणीवर निर्णय घ्यायला पाहिजे होता. यासाठी आक्रोश करतोय त्या माता-माउलींची चेष्टा सरकार करत आहे. आम्ही आधीही स्वागत केले होते. आताही स्वागत करतो; पण आमच्या हक्काचे आरक्षण द्या, यापूर्वीही सांगितले होते. ते नाकारण्याचे काही कारणच नाही”

   Chhagan Bhujbal raised the issue of Manoj Jarange during the assembly session, expressing concerns about the constant threats Jarange has been receiving. He personally experienced threats as well. Bhujbal questioned whether the authorities are capable of controlling such intimidation tactics, citing instances where even government officials like revenue officers, police officers, and district collectors have faced threats.

    Uddhav Thackeray responded, “The resolution for all Maratha brothers was unanimously approved. I am hopeful that the reservation proposal that has been tabled and the bill that has been passed will lead to the implementation of this reservation. I congratulate the Maratha community. I have no doubts now regarding the government’s commitment. However, we cannot ignore the sacrifices made by many in the Maratha community.”



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