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Making India a Global Adventure Tourism Hub.”

The Ministry of Tourism organized a National Conference on Adventure Tourism: “Developed India@2047: Making India a Global Adventure Tourism Hub.”

The inauguration of the ‘Adventure Tourism India website’ and the ‘Best Adventure Tourism Destination Competition 2024’ was launched.

The Ministry of Tourism organized a National Conference on Adventure Tourism on the topic of “Developed India@2047: Making India a Global Adventure Tourism Hub” in Ekta Nagar, Gujarat, from December 18th to 19th, 2023. The objective of the conference was to deliberate and provide a platform for discussing strategies and initiatives to prepare India as a global adventure tourism hub.


Natural attractions in India are nearly unparalleled worldwide, encompassing ancient forests, snow-capped Himalayas, mountainous grasslands, golden and white deserts, rivers, lakes, wetlands, mangroves, coastlines, volcanoes, and jungles teeming with incredible biodiversity. Additionally, India boasts over 1200 species of well-known animals like tigers, lions, elephants, rhinoceroses, sloth bears, wild buffalo, Indian bison (Gaur), and a variety of renowned bird species.

India benefits significantly from its rich natural and environmental tourism resources:

– 70% of the Himalayas- 7,000 kilometers of coastline

– One of three countries globally with both hot and cold deserts

– Ranks 10th in forest cover area

– Sixth in the number of UNESCO recognized natural heritage sites

Despite its natural wealth, India lags in global adventure tourism. However, it holds immense potential to become a global market for adventure activities and sports. Its diverse geographical conditions across the country provide competitive advantages for developing adventure tourism opportunities, attracting adventure tourists from around the world.

India has set an ambitious goal of achieving a $3 trillion tourism economy by 2047, with plans to contribute up to $800 billion through adventure tourism, aiming to become a top ten global destination in this sector.


To achieve this, India will require the arrival of 20 million foreign tourists (FTAs) and visits from 80 million foreign tourists (FTVs) for adventure tourism, generating an inflow of $90 billion in foreign currency. This will be supplemented by 4 billion domestic trips for adventure tourism within the country. A coordinated strategic framework involving partnerships between the central government, states, and industries will be crucial for this journey from the 96th to the top 10th position on a global scale.

The Ministry of Tourism has launched the ‘Adventure Tourism India website’ and inaugurated the ‘Best Adventure Tourism Destination Competition 2024’.


In the second session – ‘Propelling States for Adventure Tourism,’ the states presented the following:


(i) Adventurous tourism assets, (ii) Destination and product development, (iii) Skill development and capacity building, (iv) Marketing and promotion, (v) Safety and risk management, and (vi) Alignment with national policies, strategies, and digital platforms.(pib)



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