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Manoj Jarange has been served a notice by the High Court

Manoj Jarange has been served a notice by the High Court; questions raised by the court after the announcement of the agitation

Following Manoj Jarange’s role in the agitation against the backdrop of Maratha reservation not being recognized by the state government, protests are set to begin across the state from February 24.

Chagan Bhujbal and Vijay Vadettiwar, who oppose the protests, have criticized Manoj Jarange’s actions. Jarange hinted that if Marathas introspect, they could rectify their grievances.

Using the platform of the Press Council, Jarange has informed the Maratha community about the direction of the agitation. According to him, a major protest is scheduled for March 3.   Now, with legal battles ensuing from these protests, the High Court has issued a notice to Manoj Jarange.


Several people have taken a stance against Manoj Jarange’s role in the agitation. Ajay Maharaj Barskar has also criticized Jarange’s actions. Meanwhile, OBC leaders Chagan Bhujbal and Vijay Vadettiwar have been targeted for their roles in opposition to Jarange. Additionally, Advocate Gunaratna Sadavarte has clearly stated his intention to legally oppose the protests.

Accordingly, the High Court has conducted hearings on Jarange’s agitation. During these proceedings, the Court has raised questions regarding Jarange’s role in the protests. Furthermore, the Court has also emphasized the need to clarify Jarange’s role. Jarange’s lawyers have presented their side, stating,

“The allegations against Jarange are aimed at tarnishing his reputation.

Manoj Jarange Patil stated that, do we not have the right to protest?

In detail, Manoj Jarange has been accused of defaming him.


Court said,

मनोज जरांगे यांनी आपली भूमिका स्पष्ट करावी. मनोज जरांगे आणि मराठा आंदोलक समिती प्रस्तावित आंदोलन कसं करणार आहेत? आंदोलन हिसंक होणार नाही, याची जबाबदारी ते घेणार का? राज्यात कायदा सुव्यवस्थेची परिस्थिती निर्माण होणार नाही याची जबाबदारी घेणार का? या सर्व मुद्यांवर मनोज जरांगेंना २६ फेब्रुवारीपर्यंत भूमिका स्पष्ट करा. ‘


यावर प्रत्युत्तर म्हणून जरांगे पाटील म्हणाले, “आंदोलन करण्याचा आम्हाला अधिकार नाही का? तू कोण आम्हाला विचारणार, दरदिवस शांततेत आंदोलन करून सरकारला निवेदन देऊ शकतो. परीक्षा पुढे ढकला असं बोललो नाही.  परीक्षा ठेवा. विद्यार्थ्यांना अडचण येता कामा नये, असं बोललो. मला नेता व्हायचं नाही तूच हो. ”




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