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Special Session of the Legislative Assembly in February for Maratha Reservation – Chief Minister Eknath Shinde

Nagpur, dated 19th: The state government has indicated that granting reservations to the Maratha community won’t affect the quotas of other communities. After the State Backward Class Commission submitted its report, if deemed necessary, a special session of the legislature will be convened in February 2024, as announced by Chief Minister Eknath Shinde today in both Houses of the legislature.


Chief Minister Shinde addressed both the Legislative Council and the Legislative Assembly regarding the Maratha reservation discussions. He emphasized that providing reservations to the Maratha community won’t be unjust to any other community’s quota. He assured that the OBC reservation won’t be compromised to accommodate Maratha reservations within the legal framework. Shinde assured that the state will strive for equitable solutions without compromising the well-being of any community.


Shinde said that all preparations for the Maratha reservation are underway, and the government is ready to implement necessary measures. He also reminded that Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’s pledge to provide reservations to the Maratha community is still upheld and stands strong. He affirmed that no community, including Marathas, should remain disadvantaged due to reservation policies. He urged protestors to have faith in the government’s positive intentions towards providing reservations and to work cooperatively towards maintaining law and order. The government has initiated steps to implement the Maratha-Kunbi, Kunbi-Maratha, and caste certificates in a systematic manner. A committee has been appointed to verify historical evidence, genealogy, educational certificates, revenue records, historical agreements, and national documents for the certificate process. The committee’s coordination has led to the establishment of 1,858 offices across the state, employing 66,644 officials and employees. The first report by the committee was accepted by the State Cabinet on October 31. The second report is now submitted to us. It comprises 407 pages and is sent for analysis and review by the Law and Justice Department.


The government has resolved to bring equality in the plans of all social components’ organizations to ensure fairness in their programs and schemes. This approach will lead to equal justice for all. In this context, programs and schemes run by various organizations such as Barti, Sarathi, Mahajyoti, TRTAI, Amrut will witness uniformity.



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