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The first pilgrimage from Maharashtra to Ram Mandir in Ayodhya has commenced on 10 February

“Chalo Ayodhya…”

The first pilgrimage from Maharashtra to Ram Mandir in Ayodhya has commencedon 10 Feb. 


In Ayodhya, the consecration ceremony of Ram Lalla at the Ram Mandir has created a grand atmosphere filled with enthusiasm and devotion.

Since the second day of this ceremony, there has been a significant crowd gathering for the darshan of Ram Lalla at the temple.

Moreover, the city of Ayodhya has also witnessed a congregation of Ram devotees.

As a result, the Uttar Pradesh government had invited Ram devotees to come for darshan in the month of February.

Consequently, pilgrims from various parts of the country are now heading towards Ayodhya. Special railway and bus services have been initiated for these pilgrims.

Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation has also started direct bus services to Ayodhya from Maharashtra.


The first bus service from Maharashtra to Ayodhya, operated by the Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation, commenced on February 10th. This bus, originating from Dhule district in Vidarbha, departed for Ayodhya. The departure of the first bus from Dhule bus station to Ayodhya this morning was met with enthusiastic responses from the passengers. At this moment, officials from the Dhule Transport Department, along with the police and passengers, celebrated the departure of the first bus.


For the pilgrimage to Ayodhya, special religious tourism trips have also been launched from the railways. Additionally, luxury buses from various companies also travel to Ayodhya.

However, today, passengers have great confidence in the State Transport Corporation for a safe and excellent journey. Therefore, Lalpari buses are recognized for new journeys, and information regarding this is gathered from passengers. Now, buses from Vidarbha and Khandesh will also travel directly to Ayodhya from Dhule.


This bus journey from Dhule to Ayodhya will cover a distance of approximately 1600 kilometers in about 20 hours. The fare for this trip to Ayodhya is set at Rs. 4000 per person. Passengers are provided with special amenities on the bus. Additionally, there will be two drivers and two transport department officials on board. This Ayodhya pilgrimage will last for four to five days.


From Dhule to Ayodhya, Varanasi:


This journey commenced from Dhule at 4 am on February 10th and is scheduled to reach Ayodhya at 12 pm on February 12th. Subsequently, on the 12th, the journey will continue from Ayodhya to Varanasi. There will also be a bus to Prayagraj from Varanasi. Additionally, in the morning, a bus will depart from Prayagraj to Dhule. This information has been provided by the Dhule Transport Department. The fare for the journey from Dhule to Ayodhya is set at Rs. 4545.



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