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The GOBARdhan project: turn organic waste to biogas and organic fertilizer; Ministry of Jal Shakti

Ministry of Jal Shakti: (pib): The GOBARdhan project, led by the Indian government, aims to turn organic waste like cattle dung and crop leftovers into useful things like biogas and organic fertilizer. This helps in recycling waste and creating a sustainable environment.


In the 2023 budget, the government announced plans to invest in 500 new “waste to wealth” plants, costing around Rs. 10,000 Crores. In the financial year 2023-24, 198 new plants were established. This includes 12 plants for making Compressed Biogas (CBG) and 186 for making regular biogas. Additionally, there are 556 more plants being built, including 129 for CBG and 427 for regular biogas.


The Indian government is actively working to grow the GOBARdhan project quickly and effectively, by putting various measures into action this year.


Here’s a simpler explanation of the initiatives taken by the Indian government for the GOBARdhan project this financial year:


1. Carbon Credits for CBG: From 17th February 2023, owners of plants producing Compressed Biogas (CBG) can earn extra money by trading carbon credits. This is a reward for reducing greenhouse gases.


2. Tax Breaks for CNG-CBG Blend: Since 2nd February 2023, there’s no central excise tax on CNG that’s mixed with CBG. This avoids taxing the same product twice.


3. Rules for Organic Manure: The government made changes to the Fertiliser Control Order:

– No need for a special letter to sell organic manure from GOBARdhan plants for three years.

– The allowed moisture in this manure can be up to 70% instead of just 40%.

– Changes in the carbon/nitrogen ratio and pH level in the manure to make it better.


4. Research Report by ICAR: The Indian Council of Agricultural Research created a report on how to use the bioslurry (a by-product) in farming, and how it benefits soil and crops.


5. Marketing Support for Organic Manure: A new scheme started to help sell and market the manure from these plants, encouraging organic farming.


6. CBG and City Gas Link for 10 Years: This program, extending until 2024, supports the production and use of CBG.


7. Easier Sale of Organic Manure: A new rule lets plant operators sell organic manure in bulk, helping both the marketing and promoting organic farming.


8. Mandatory CBG Blending: A committee has decided to gradually require a 5% mix of CBG in fuels to increase its production and use.


9. Unified Registration Portal: Launched on 1st June 2023, this online platform makes it easier to register CBG and biogas plants and includes features for tracking plant functionality and bank loans.


The goal of these policies is to expand the biogas and CBG sector, making it more attractive for private investment.


For more information, you can visit their website at



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