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The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) is taking steps to improve road safety during fog, which causes low visibility.

To counter reduced visibility on the National Highways due to onset of the winter season NHAI Chairman, Shri Santosh Kumar Yadav has directed NHAI field offices to undertake various mitigation measures. With reduced visibility due to foggy conditions posing significant risk to the safety of the National Highways users, these measures will help to avoid potential accidents that endanger the safety of highway users.

Message Signs (VMS) or electronic signages to   To enhance road safety during foggy conditions, mitigation measures have been classified under two heads of Engineering measures and Safety Awareness measures. The ‘Engineering measures’ include reinstalling missing/damaged road signs, rectifying faded or inadequate pavement markings, enhance visibility of safety devices by providing reflective markers, median markers, etc., providing transverse bar markings in habitations and accident-prone locations, ensuring functional blinkers at median openings at under construction zones and hazardous locations, replacement of damaged hazard markers signs at diverging & merging locations.


Safety Awareness’ measures underline incorporating steps to alert highway users of the reduced visibility conditions. These measures include use of Variable Message Signs (VMS) or electronic signages to display ‘Foggy Weather Alerts’ and speed limit messages NHAI is implementing road safety measures for foggy conditions, including electronic signs for weather alerts, speed limits, and public announcements. They’re using reflective tapes on vehicles, distributing safety pamphlets, and conducting regular highway inspections at night. Patrol vehicles will be near fog-prone areas, and teams will guide traffic and coordinate with local authorities during emergencies. These steps aim to reduce risks and ensure safe travel on highways during winter.(pib)



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