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The Vice-President speech at Convocation Ceremony-2023 of Gautam Buddha University

Text of the Vice-President speech at Convocation Ceremony-2023 of Gautam Buddha University (Excerpts)

“It was a joyful moment of my life when I was told that Honorable Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath of Uttar Pradesh wanted to speak to me and invited me here. I never imagined witnessing this; despite the recognition and fame he holds in the country and the world. I was amazed by the honorable Chief Minister.

The condition of Uttar Pradesh—legally and in terms of development—was a matter of concern. There was so much despair that people didn’t feel like contemplating. We have come a long way!”

 “Uttar Pradesh is a role model for law and order. Leaving aside the country, whenever there is an issue of law and order in the world, our Chief Minister is remembered.”

The convocation was significant, focusing on growth, confidence, and civilization, as mentioned by the honorable Chief Minister. He surprised me, shifting from political to spiritual and academic perspectives. Congratulations to the 7940 students who achieved this milestone. The ecosystem has changed—corruption isn’t prevalent in power corridors anymore. Decision-making is no longer influenced by corrupt elements. Now, equality prevails before the law, a stark contrast to the past when power dictated law enforcement. No one, irrespective of lineage or position, is above the law now.

Boys and girls, you are walking into an ecosystem where corruption isn’t rampant. There was a time when power corridors were infested with power brokers. Without acknowledging corruption, no work used to get done.We now have an ecosystem where our power corridors have been sanitized of corrupt elements & middleman.”

“All we are treated equally. No one is above the law now, regardless of lineage, succession, or position. India, our Bharat, is witnessing phenomenal and unprecedented growth.”

 “Our economy was a matter of concern for the world 10 years ago. Now we are the fifth largest global economy. You will make India a more developed nation. And we will become a world leader.”

“My demand to the honorable Chief Minister is that Gautam Buddha University should reach the stature of Nalanda and Takshashila. Facing disruptive technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, machine learning, green hydrogen, and quantum computing, India has taken significant steps. The government has allocated funds for quantum computing and the Green Hydrogen mission. India is pioneering in 6G technology, set to unfold commercially between 2025 to 2030.


There are immense opportunities in this land of Buddha and Gandhi. The government’s efforts in providing medical kits with instructions symbolize a great message. Corporate participation is crucial, and I acknowledge the Chief Minister’s role. If the government doesn’t contribute half, perhaps corporates might take longer to participate. Now, with both contributing, it marks the beginning of accountability.”

“I urge the honorable Chief Minister to consider the significance of disruptive technologies like AI, Internet of Things, and machine learning, particularly in our security context, as Uttar Pradesh aims to become a major hub for defense production. Inviting students of Gautam Buddha University to visit the New Parliament Building, which reflects our technological advancement and cultural heritage. India’s achievements, such as ISRO launching satellites for various nations, are commendable.


We must counter the anti-national narrative designed to malign our institutions and constitutional offices. Some wish to undermine our culture and growth. Our unwavering belief in Indianness should prevail. Our allegiance lies with the nation, and we take pride in being proud citizens of Bharat.”






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