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To Jarange Patil :CM Shinde assured to grant reservation to the Maratha community

Mumbai, January 27: Maharashtra Chief Minister Eknath Shinde assured that the oath taken to grant reservation to the Maratha communit is ‘not just for political gains’ but is taken in the interest of all sections of society, farmers, and those facing hardships.

He made this declaration during a meeting with Manoj Jarange Patil, who is leading the protest for reservation for the Maratha community.

In Mumbai, the Chief Minister met Maratha community members at Chaityabhoomi and handed over a copy of the ordinance issued by the state government, symbolizing the commitment to providing reservation.

Manoj Jarange Patil was present during this meeting, and the Chief Minister extended greetings by applying gulal to his forehead, acknowledging the efforts of the entire Maratha community.

This significant decision by the state government is not just for the Maratha community but for the welfare of all sections of society.



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