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workshop called ‘Increasing Maize Production’ : by Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare

Today in New Delhi, the Ministry of Agriculture held a workshop called ‘Increasing Maize Production’. Prof. Ramesh Chand from NITI Aayog led the event. The focus was on improving maize growth for ethanol production and other uses.

Experts discussed the importance of high-quality seeds, support for farmers, and the role of the private sector in this field. They also talked about partnerships between public and private sectors to boost maize production.

Key figures from government, research, and industry shared their views and experiences, especially on challenges and opportunities in maize farming.

Later during the workshop, the All India Distillers Association (AIDA) and the National Seed Association of India (NSAI) presented their perspectives on maize to ethanol production and the role of the private sector in supporting the ecosystem. This led to a diverse exchange of ideas during the open discussion, providing a platform for stakeholders to voice their opinions and collaborate on potential solutions to enhance maize production on both national and global levels.



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